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head roll on

This product is so easy to use just roll it on. It has a nice smell and is refreshing. It made my headache go away. Definitely worth trying.

defense oil

I use the defense oil in my diffuser when I feel a little run down.I feel better the next day.I like the smell. The defense roll on also works great!

sleep roll on

The sleep roll on smells so good. It is calming , and helps you relax. When I use this I fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Love this product!!!

Muscle roll on

The smell is wonderful!!! If you are sore just roll it on and feel refreshed. Love it!!

Pleasantly surprised

I'm always very sceptical when it comes to face creams and I was extremely impressed by this product! I have very sensitive and dry skin and this went on smooth not greasy and soaked into my skin rather quickly!!! I will be purchasing this in the near future! Also had my mom try it and she loved it too! Oh and it smells AMAZING!

defense roll on

This product has a nice smell to it. When you feel a little under the weather just put some on your wrists, neck and feet at bedtime. You will wake up feeling better.

Blue sleep roll on

The blue sleep roll on is a great product. It smells nice and helps you fall asleep faster. I also feel it helps you sleep longer.

Great blend! I really like applying this whenever I have overexerted or tired muscles. Takes the pain and stress away really quickly!

Lavender roll on

Love this oil,I use it before going to bed :)

Nice and refreshing

I like to smooth on my face after I get out of the shower at night before bed and first thing in the morning to refresh my face for the day.


Arrived quickly and were very easy to fill. These were a big hit at the office fundraiser with cold season knocking on our door.

Love it!

I love it. I’m surprised how little you receive considering the price. The product is wonderful though.

Very nice scent !

This was a new oil for me & I absolutely love it in my diffuser !!!

Love it !

Very impressed, mix homemade cleaner with Defense & also use it in my diffuser

I really like it!

I love the way it feels on my skin and the smell is very nice to. But I am a little disappointed because the bottle was only 1/4 full.

Pleasantly surprised!

This was my first opportunity to try a Sacred Life essential oil blend, received with purchase of the natural insect repellent. I plan to repeat this purchase! I was incredibly surprised and pleased with this mild and sweet, floral and herbal blend, as well as with the moisturizing quality of the essence. I have used this nearly every day since first trying this product.

I was also not previously a "fan" of any patchouli essential oil or any related blend, as every time that I had previously experienced it, the patchouli was far too strong and unbalanced for my liking.

However, within the Forgiveness blend, although patchouli IS one of the essential oils used, it is subtle and well-balanced, amongst the scents of geranium and vanilla, clary sage and tangerine... Very soothing, a beautiful harmony of fragrance. I did notice that a very light floral patchouli scent was what carried the longest, but light notes of the other fragrances were still balancing this out.

Well done! Thank you for a terrific product. I look forward to trying others!


Love it. The only reason why I knocked one star off was because it leaked all over when I received the package.

Love it

I love this facial oil because it's hydrating without being greasy. Smells great and I want more. :)

Attention Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Smells amazing!! , I used it on my daughter for some testing she had and was nervous about. She said that it helped her focus and calm down.

Fresh and relaxing

This is a wonderful blend. I especially enjoy using it before bed and find its aroma to be very pleasant and relaxing.

Lovely scent

I have only been using for about a week, but I love the smell and feel of the cream. My skin is a little dry, so we’ll see how continued use goes.


Products arrived way sooner than expected! Excellent quality! Thanks so much will be ordering in the future from yins!!!

Great Value, Fast Shipment & Delivery!!

I purchased this for myself despite it saying kids immunity & I love it! Arrived way sooner than expected!


This is my favorite roller! I use this a lot for my muscle soreness and the knots in my shoulders and neck. I get a lot of migraines and this seems to alleviate some of the symptoms I have.

A luxurious cream

I’ve been wanting to try blue tansy for years now & never got around to it, so trying this as a “freebie” using the reward program’s stars was a dream come true! ;) I love the clean, herbal scent & the texture is light & creamy. I gave it only 4 stars because it did make me break out a bit (I have SUPER sensitive skin), but the breakouts toned down & evened our a bit once I got used to applying the cream daily. I use very little each day, so the small size is perfect for traveling & the lack of bathroom storage is currently have!