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Skeet daddle is the best!!

I have enjoyed being outside and not smelling like bug repellent. Skeet daddle smells great and I don’t have to worry about chemicals on my granddaughter or my dogs. I am impressed with how well it works.

SLO Apple cider vinegar

I love these supplements I take them daily they seem to be doing what they are supposed to! I will continue to buy more when I run out! I am a forever SLO customer!

Love it

I love the Blue Ice products. Really has helped severe neck pain.

Seems to work

Only used a couple of times, but seems to be effective. I like the smell.

I bought this for my mother and she absolutely loves it. Due to migraines she typically doesn't tolerate the smell of most beauty products very well, but that's not the case with this beauty cream. She says she loves the smell and the way it makes her face feel. I am definitely very satisfied with this purchase.

Thank you!

The first time using the Blue Sleep I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer! It smells so good too!

It works!

I love that this is a natural alternative for bug repellent. It smells good, is not greasy, and while working in my garden the bugs did not "bug" me!

Lavender aromatherapy

This is absolutely amazing! I’ve tried other brands of lavender and they work but not as much as this brand!!! I love it. I would recommend to everyone ‘

love it

both8ng has worked. on my sore body. as. good as this love it

Pleasant scent

This smells really nice and works well when my neck if stiff.

SLO Rose water

I absolutely LOVE this rose water I’m on my second bottle & have got more and gave it as gift! I don’t go a day without using it! I use it in my morning routine & night time! No chemicals is a plus too! My face is very acne prone my pores clog so easily so I’m very cautious of what goes on my face. I have tried their blue beauty cream as well & I’ll never use a different moisturizer.

Takes the edge off....

I have tried oils, creams, etc. This oil took the edge off of my bursitus better than anything I have tried so far!!

Good Moisturizer

This stuff is good, not great in my opinion. You certainly don't get much, and honestly I expected it to smell more. It is good at moisturizing and feels good on my skin, but I won't be getting it again.

Convenient for Headaches

I get frequent headaches and migraines. One of the only non medical things I've found to help ease my pain is peppermint oil. This roller ball makes it convenient to take along and to apply where I need it. Smell good, not too strong.

Magnesium Body Spray

Another amazing product from Sacred life. My daughter and I both use this. We have bad anxiety and it definitely takes the edge off. Thanks for such amazing products. I’ll forever be a customer.

Sacred life oil glass roller bottles

Great price & free shipping is even better. They work perfectly I have already used 3 and just got them last week. I make my own oil blends. I will purchase more. I’m a huge Sacred life fan. Love all their stuff especially the skin care.


I readily liked was great! Sleep & muscle didn't work as I expected then to. Didn't help my husband out at all.


I really like this one! It was interesting it calms me, but yet helps me to br aware and focus.

I have been using the Sleep oil firm Sacred Life oils for about a month. I have tried many methods for sleep aids for many years and none has been more successful for me than this oil blend. It has helped me get to sleep faster and sleep deeper with no side effects which I am very happy about. I can't speak for other individuals but this has helped me tremendously and I plan on continuing to use it. It is also very cost effective compared to over the counter products.


This isn’t my all time favorite I use it daily it does everything it’s supposed to.


Love the smell of this & it gives me a boost of energy. Had to make my husband his own roll on to take to work.

Blue beauty cream

I am in love with this moisturizer & have thrown away the old ones i used. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding one that doesn’t clog my pores. My face is hydrated & brighter some what glowing. I also use the Sacred life’s rose water. I use it several times a day. I love love love sacred life oils. I will forever be a customer.

Great cosdna rating for ingredients!

Good rating on cosdna when you check out the ingredients for irritant, safety, and acne. There was only 1 ingredient that was a 5 (out of 10) for the acne rating. Overall this is great and means the ingredients are not nearly as scary as they sound. This cream shouldn't cause any reactions or acne. The cream itself has a great consistency, not too think or thick. My skin feels like butter when absorbed. It has a cooling effect as well which is great for the hotter weather. The only thing I can complain about is that I wish there were more ingredients in this for fighting lines and wrinkles and other stuff on our face, like myrrh essential oil. Other than this I'm very happy with this cream.

Surprisingly pleasant scent

I was skeptical at first but my shoulder started hurting one evening. I rolled it on and it had a surprisingly pleasant smell. It helped relax me enough I was able to get comfortable and that eased the pain. Not at all what I expected but i love it.