Energize Essential Oil Blend

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Feel awake, energized and naturally refreshed with the help of pure essential oils. Our Energize blend is a bright combination of the highest-quality full-strength essential oils – sweet Grapefruit, zesty Lemon, brisk Peppermint, energizing Cinnamon Leaf and warm Ginger – to help you overcome feelings of lethargy, fatigue or distraction with the simple power of natural aromatherapy.

  • Use this full-strength essential oil blend for feelings of natural energy
  • Use a dilution on the skin to boost concentration, attitude and effort
  • Diffuse to get kids out of bed and hopping before school
  • Use at work to feel productive and awake without resorting to sugar or caffeine
  • DOCUMENTED 100% PURE. Every essential oil used in our blends undergoes extensive third-party GC/MS, Microbial and Organoleptic Testing to ensure it is 100% pure, natural, and free from adulterants.

Don’t let fatigue, listlessness of lethargy hold you back. Pick up the pace of your day with this bracing blend of bright citrus and pure spice, carefully combined at full strength to keep you at attention and ready for action. This combination of highest-quality essential oils is a purely natural way to keep up feelings of energy and focus with aromatherapy support.

Don't get into the habit of using sugar and caffeine to get through a day at work. Diffuse the stimulating scent of Energize to be ready to tackle your next important task without the calories or caffeine jitters. Enjoy a natural lift and feel refreshed and ready for action with this sweet and citrusy scent.

Rub a dilution onto your wrists, shoulders, and neck, or onto the soles of your feet to power up for the day. Diffuse in the morning to get the whole family moving before the school bus arrives. Inhale directly from the bottle to tackle the afternoon at work, or to pound out your evening workout. Feel the refreshing energy of morning anytime you need it with the energizing power of essential oils.

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