Free Your Mind Essential Oil Blend

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Put your best foot forward each day with natural self-care and the help of an energizing essential oil blend of bright citrus and warm mint for natural energy and mood. Simple and effective ingredients include the perfect mix of citrus zest and mentholated warmth give this blend a kick of emotionally uplifting and room-filling energy. With a natural twist of Sweet Orange, tart Tangerine, cheerful Lime, sweet Grapefruit and warm Bergamot essential oils combined with the ideal ratio of warm Spearmint, this delicious blend will fill your mind and body with motivation and emotional release.

The sweet and bright scent works as a powerful aromatherapy tool to clarify emotions and release natural energy when you need it most. Diffuse it to prepare for social occasions or to create interpersonal ambiance. Breath it directly from the bottle when you need to boost feelings of communication, release unwanted tension or to promote feelings of contentment among family and friends.

This full strength blend for daily stress management combines high-potency essential oils for the strongest aromatherapy effect. Diffuse it at work for yourself or after school to help your kids come home with enthusiasm, focus and energy. Breathe it before a difficult conversation for emotional balance and clarity. Use it as a tool to calm and nurture either yourself or someone you love. Try diffusing it in the morning for a quick and natural boost of energy when you need to face the day with an energetic sparkle and smile.


Orange essential oil, Tangerine essential oil, Lime essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, and Spearmint essential oil

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